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Member Feature: Intrinsic Innovations


Intrinsic Innovations is an architect of global entrepreneurial landscapes, rooted in in Canada, established in Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and with strategic partnerships in China, India, and soon, Africa. Integrated with Intrinsic Venture Capital, we provide startups with more than capital; we offer a spectrum of tailored programs that support every stage of their journey.  Participation in our Start-Up Visa program equates to a fast track to Canadian residency, which for many is an opportunity to join a society celebrated for its innovation and economic stability.


Our comprehensive services range from the foundational—such as business incorporation and market analysis—to the transformational, including access to our global networks and expertise in scaling businesses. Entrepreneurs benefit from personalized coaching, facilitated by industry experts, ensuring not just a soft landing, but a strong takeoff in Canada’s thriving markets.  We don't just guide entrepreneurs; we empower them with the tools for success—economic immigration guidance, funding strategies, and cultural acclimatization. This holistic approach ensures founders can focus on what they do best: innovating. With Intrinsic Innovations, entrepreneurs unlock not just new markets, but their full potential.


Intrinsic Innovations is excited to join the CABC, ready to engage with and learn from its members. We aim to contribute valuable insights and support, fostering mutual growth and enhanced collaboration among members. Our commitment is to enrich the council's ecosystem with our expertise in market expansion and investment opportunities.


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