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Parallel Lines

Canada-ASEAN Business Leaders Series 2023

The Canada-ASEAN Business Leaders Series, held in Partnership with the Government of Canada, is CABC’s core events programme, offering a series of events spread over the duration of a year with the objective of driving Canada-ASEAN private sector integration through high-quality networking, government-to-government relations, and driving dialogue on key strategic areas to foster joint action and partnerships between decision makers in Canada and ASEAN countries. The 2023 Series is a year-long programme hosted in key markets of economic importance to Canadian firms and investors, to facilitate Canada’s strategic engagement with the region under its Indo-Pacific strategy. 



Provide the premier physical platform to connect Canadian and ASEAN business, government, and industry leaders in 2023.


Raise awareness on how Canadian and ASEAN businesses can leverage the benefits of existing and future trade agreements, such as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), a Canada-ASEAN FTA and the Canada-Indonesia Comprehensive Economic Partnership (CEPA).


Deliver timely, strategic intelligence on two-way trade and investment trends and highlight specific business opportunities between Canada and ASEAN.


Advocate directly to key decision makers in ASEAN on the policies which will create the most optimal business/investment ecosystem for Canadians in or looking to enter the region


Educate the Canadian private sector on Canada’s free trade agreements and the importance of ASEAN for diversification, what is needed to be successful in the markets, and how to leverage support.


Contribute to Canada’s strategic branding by educating businesses and governments in ASEAN on Canada, its key sectors, and why it can be a key partner for ASEAN in a variety of areas (such as energy, food security, and smart city development).

Canada Tech Innovation Networking Reception Banner.png


Canada Tech Innovation Networking Reception


Strengthening the
Clean Energy Partnership

Strengthening the Canada-Vietnam Clean Energy Partnership Banner.png


Networking Reception


Driving Canadian-Malaysia Partnerships in Clean Energy

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