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Canada-ASEAN Business Leaders Series

Canada-ASEAN Business Leaders Series 2023

The Canada-ASEAN Business Leaders Series, held in Partnership with the Government of Canada, is CABC’s core events programme, offering a series of events spread over the duration of a year with the objective of driving Canada-ASEAN private sector integration through high-quality networking, government-to-government relations, and driving dialogue on key strategic areas to foster joint action and partnerships between decision-makers in Canada and ASEAN countries. The 2023 Series is a year-long programme hosted in key markets of economic importance to Canadian firms and investors, to facilitate Canada’s strategic engagement with the region under its Indo-Pacific strategy. 

Canada-ASEAN Business Leaders Series 2022

The CABC’s year-long 2022 Canada-ASEAN Business Leaders Series featured ten high-impact events - twice the amount of events then the first year of the Series - that successfully provided a platform to foster more integration between the business and policy communities across Canada and ASEAN. The events features mainly webinars conducted on the Zoom platform in addition to two live events, covering the following topics:

Canada-ASEAN Business Leaders Series 2021

CABC’s year-long virtual 2021 Canada-ASEAN Business Leaders Series was comprised of eight high-impact events, that successfully provided a platform to foster more integration between the ASEAN and Canada business communities.

Canada-ASEAN Business Leaders Series 2020

The first fully-virtual Canada-ASEAN Business Leaders Series in 2020. The CABC is committed to providing this platform for the Canada-ASEAN business community to meet, discuss, and build a resilient trade partnership together throughout the COVID-19 crisis and into the new normal ahead. The 6-month Series will address the key market, sector, and policy topics that matter to business leaders. 

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