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Canada-ASEAN Trends in Business Podcast EP. 4: Is ASEAN’s workforce future-ready?

🎙️ Dive deep into the heart of ASEAN's workforce readiness with our latest podcast episode! Join us for an enlightening discussion featuring Donald Bobiash, Executive Director (Canada) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and Alain Roy, Vice President of International Partnerships at Colleges and Institutes Canada.

In this episode, we will unravel the critical importance of a skilled workforce in propelling ASEAN's development aspirations forward. With CICan's extensive network of 138 members, including top Canadian colleges and technical institutions, we will explore how they stand poised to meet the region's training needs, mirroring their impactful contributions to Canada's economic prosperity.

Discover why a workforce that is future-ready and adaptable is the backbone for seizing opportunities in dynamic sectors and transitioning towards greener economies. From capacity building to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, let's uncover how these efforts can drive sustainable development across the ASEAN landscape.


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