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ASEAN for Business – Tapping the Opportunity of Circular Economy for Business in ASEAN

The rapid economic development in ASEAN has contributed to high energy consumption and waste generation. The 7th ASEAN Energy Outlook recorded that ASEAN's total final energy consumption (TFEC) had grown by 1,6 times in 2019 from 2005 levels. Meanwhile, United Nations Environment Programme reported that the waste volume in ASEAN countries reached about 150 million tonnes in 2016 and is estimated to be more than double this number by 2030. Along with the pressing planetary crises on climate, biodiversity, and pollution, ASEAN recognises that long-term economic resilience in the region needs to look beyond the traditional ‘take, make, use, dispose’ economy, and move toward Circular economy (CE) model, a systemic approach to economic development that is restorative, regenerative by design and makes effective use of materials and energy.

Continue reading the article here: ASEAN for Business Bulletin – October 2022


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