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2023 Canada-ASEAN Business Outlook Survey Report

The purpose of this survey was to gain input from diverse stakeholders with a vested interest in the Canada-ASEAN economic relationship on key concerns, priorities, and recommendations to advance the economic footprint of Canada in ASEAN countries. This informs the CABC’s work in advocating for pro-business, investment, and trade policies to governments across Canada and ASEAN.

The results are based on data collected from over 100 respondents across over 20 industries, from a wide range of organizations including Canadian and ASEAN MNCs and SMEs, public sector organizations and crown corporations, industry associations and thank tanks, and academic institutions.

This report will provide a deeper understanding of how the private sector views the economic potential of ASEAN, where the biggest opportunities for Canada reside, the key challenges faced and how to navigate them, and will illuminate important political considerations for Canada going forward.

Continue reading and download the full report below.

2023 Canada-ASEAN Business Outlook Survey
Download PDF • 7.74MB


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