Building on the success of the Canada-ASEAN Business Leaders Series 2021, the CABC is pleased to continue our Canada-ASEAN Business Leaders Series in 2022 to provide a platform to discuss and drive advocacy for the issues most pertinent to the Canada-ASEAN business community. Through this Series, the CABC aims to grow and foster a resilient Canada-ASEAN relationship by increasing trade, engagement, and economic opportunities for businesses in both regions. The year-long Series will address new industry-specific and market-specific themes such as supply chains, agriculture and food security, aerospace and aviation, ESG, CleanTech and sustainability, education, business opportunities in CLMV countries, and ASEAN’s role in Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy. This Series is brought to you by the CABC, in partnership with the Government of Canada.

Objectives of the Series

  1. Provide the premier virtual platform to connect Canada-ASEAN business leaders in 2022
  2. Deliver timely, strategic intelligence on two-way trade and investment trends and highlight the specific business opportunities between Canada and ASEAN
  3. Facilitate direct dialogue between business and government on the policies which will enable Canada’s best trading future with ASEAN
  4. Educate Canadian and ASEAN businesses about the outstanding opportunity of deeper economic integration between the regions


January 18th: The Role of ASEAN in Global Supply Chain Diversification

March 2nd: Canada-ASEAN Collaboration in Agriculture and Food Security

April 7th: Canada-Vietnam Investment Forum

May 11th: Opportunities in ESG and Sustainable Finance in ASEAN

May 25th: ASEAN as Canada’s Key to the Indo-Pacific: Implications for Businesses

July 7th: Canada’s Role in Southeast Asia’s Energy Transition

August 16th: Business and Investment Opportunities in Malaysia

October 4th: Canadian Capabilities in Aerospace and Aviation

October 27th: Canada: ASEAN’s Partner for Smart Infrastructure Development

December 1st: Invest in Canada: ASEAN’s Key to the Americas

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