Driving Global Innovation (Canada and ASEAN – March 22)

Mr. Allen Gilstrap is a senior financial services industry executive with global experience in the creation and management of new digital payment businesses. Mr. Gilstrap currently serves as CEO of Ongo, a smartphone app-enabled digital payment network in Myanmar. The Ongo Network consists of agent service points, FMCG distributors, wholesalers, merchants, social media, employers, payment processors, mobile airtime distributors, utility companies and e-commerce retailers. Prior to Ongo, Mr. Gilstrap served as CEO of OpenRevolution, a leading mobile payment Fintech provider that implemented over 40 mobile, digital financial service projects in 25 countries. Previously, Mr. Gilstrap served as General Manager and Vice President for American Express in London leading the Global Network Services’ Smart Solution business. Mr. Gilstrap is based in Yangon, Myanmar.