Air travel network over East Asia. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Scholarships available for the upcoming NUS “Managing Cross-Border Trade and Value Chains in Southeast Asia” Program by National University of Singapore! Each International Development Research Centre scholarship covers the cost of the workshop and 5 nights accommodation in NUS Housing.

The business landscape across Southeast Asia presents multinational enterprises with both enormous rewards and challenges. Cross-border value chains require strategic planning and sound risk management practices. To do this, decision-makers must acquire a broad understanding of the economic, institutional and social forces shaping business ecosystems throughout the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

A viable “roadmap” for cross-border commercial operations in the AEC must take into account existing value chain trends as well as anticipate the next wave of disruptions.

Conducted by thought leaders, policy makers and influential practitioners, this specially-designed program will foster a deep and integrated appreciation for the dynamics impacting regional and intra-regional investment and trade flows between Southeast Asia, North Asia and the rest of the world. Participants will benefit from a useful tool-kit of ideas and thought-frameworks which will enable effective, efficient value chain analysis and planning.

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Image credit: NUS website