Boucherville, QC-headquartered Innord Inc., the innovation arm of GeoMegA Resources Inc., has hired Singapore-based Ginger International Trade & Investment Pte. Ltd. (GITI) as a consultant that will serve as Innord’s official sales representative for Asia. GITI will be responsible for sales of Innord’s rare earth products to designated customers in Asia and assisting to source feed material in Asia. GITI is a family-owned private limited trading and consulting company focused on rare earths. GeoMegA is a mineral exploration and evaluation company focused on the discovery and sustainable development of economic deposits of metals in Quebec. Innord is a private subsidiary of GeoMegA of which GeoMegA owns 96.1 per cent focused on developing and optimizing technology for extraction and separation of rare earth elements.

Source: Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

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