The PERIPHERY report is a new series developed by Accommcan Communications and BriteBirch Collective, two Canada-based communications consultancies with a passion for driving increased collaboration between Canada and countries in Asia Pacific.

The First Edition looks at the the fast-evolving travel and tourism industry. While the global pandemic continues to ebb and wane around the world, Asia has already begun to take steps to opening travel bubbles, secure digital passports and incorporate new digital technologies that will shape how travelers explore the world in the future. As a wide open natural destination with a large Asian diaspora, Canada is well positioned to capture the coming wave of tourists from China, Japan, India and South East Asia.

The inaugural travel issue, reported by teams across Canada and Asia, is the first of many PERIPHERY issues delving into quickly evolving industries shaping opportunities and expected bi-lateral agreements. Our Second Edition will focus on CleanTech with others planned such as: health technology, agri-tech, smart infrastructure, and financial services.

We are seeking sponsorship and collaboration with companies that value the opportunities between Canada and the broader Asia-Pacific region and how responsible and fair bi-lateral business can build resilience in Canada’s economy. We would be happy to discuss the ways that we can partner together.

Read the report here: PERIPHERY – Travel Edition