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Past Events

The CABC hosts the Canada-ASEAN Business Forum every 18 months.

It is recognized as the premier event connecting senior Canadian private and public-sector leaders with their ASEAN counterparts.

On a regular basis, the CABC provides high-level networking and sector-specific events for its Members.

CABC events are held across ASEAN and in Canada, often as a collaboration with our regional partners and members.

Events Detail

Canada-ASEAN Innovation Roadshow – Vancouver

Date: 11 Apr 2019
08:00am - 10.:30am

At The ASEAN Opportunity event in Vancouver, Canada-ASEAN Business Council, in collaboration with Deloitte Canada, brought together a panel of leading Canadian professionals and entrepreneurs who have raised capital and built companies in ASEAN for a candid discussion about the prospects and challenges of the region. The panel discussion was followed by a networking session.


  • Ms. Quynh Nguyen CPA, CMA, Regional Underwriting Manager Ι International Financing, Export Development Canada 


  • Dr. Shawn Watson, CEO of Senescence and CABC SME Committee Chair
  • Mr. Tim Nguyen, CEO, Poeta Digital
  • Mr. Arvind Vijh, Director, India & SE Asia Services Group, Deloitte

Innovation Roadshow Sponsor:

Canada-ASEAN Innovation Roadshow – Toronto

Date: 5 Apr 2019
8.00am - 10:30am

Through an expert panel, the Canadian AI and the ASEAN Market Opportunity event in Toronto educated innovative Canadian firms on the ASEAN region and defined the economic advantages of targeting ASEAN as an international business development strategy. The panel event featured commentary from leaders in Canada’s AI industry, as well as from the broader business community who leverage and support the Canadian tech sector’s international expansion.


Mr. Craig Brown, Partner, Fasken


Mr. Megh Gupta, Global Head of Strategy & Corporate Development, Element AI
Mr. Lionel Pimpin, Senior Vice-President, Digital Channels and P&C Strategies, National Bank of Canada
Mr. Loudon Owen, CEO, DLT Labs + Managing Partner, MW Capital
Dr. Ian Scott, Partner, OMNIA, Chief Data Scientist, Deloitte LLP
Mr. Brett House, Deputy Chief Economist, Scotiabank

Innovation Roadshow Sponsor:

Canada-ASEAN Innovation Roadshow – Montréal

Date: 4 Apr 2019
3.30pm - 6.30pm

At The ASEAN Opportunity event in Montréal, a panel of leading Canadian professionals and entrepreneurs who have raised capital and built companies in ASEAN had a candid discussion about the prospects and challenges of the region. The event also featured remarks by Mr. Louis Vachon, President and CEO of National Bank of Canada, and a cocktail networking reception following the panel discussion.


Ms. Marie-Louise Hannan, Executive Director, Science, Technology and Innovation, Global Affairs Canada


  • Mr. Dominic Jacques, Deputy VP International Development at National Bank
  • Ms. Mélissa Contant, COO & General Counsel, Senescence Life Sciences
  • Mr. Julien Billot, Lead, CreativeDestructionLab and NextAi program
  • Mr. Yves Mayrand, President and Chief Creative Officer, GSM Project

Government Partner:


ASEAN and Canada: Advancing the Partnership

Date: 25 Mar 2019
02.30pm - 5.00pm

“ASEAN and Canada, Advancing the Partnership” was a special business seminar hosted by the Canada-ASEAN Business Council (CABC) and the ASEAN Committee in Ottawa (ACO), in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada (GAC).

The event brought together nearly 80 leaders from Canada and ASEAN’s public and private-sectors, and aims to advance the following objectives:
– Increase awareness of the Canadian private sector regarding the opportunities presented by a potential ASEAN-Canada FTA
– Connect Canadian private sector leaders with the ASEAN diplomatic community and senior Canadian government officials, for forward-looking discussions on how to maximize trade and investments.

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Luncheon with The Honourable Frank McKenna

Date: 19 Mar 2019
12.00pm - 2.00pm

CABC was proud to be a supporting organisation for CanCham Singapore’s Luncheon with the Hon. Frank McKenna which took place on March 19, 2019. CABC Members enjoyed discounted rate for the event.


Reform and modernization of the WTO

Date: 12 Mar 2019
4.00pm - 5.00pm

CABC was proud to support the Reform and Modernization of the WTO presentation by Ambassador Stephen de Boer, Canada’s Ambassador to the WTO. The event took place on March 12, 2019, at the SMU School of Law, in Singapore.

Stephen de Boer was appointed as Canada’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organization on August 21, 2017. Mr. de Boer joined Global Affairs Canada in 2005. In 2006, he was named the Director of the Softwood Lumber Division. From 2008 to 2010, he served as the Director of the Oceans and Environmental Law Division. In 2010, he joined Environment Canada as the Deputy Chief Negotiator for climate change and the Director General responsible for Canada’s international climate change negotiations and partnerships. Mr. de Boer returned to the department in 2013 as the Director General of the Trade Controls Bureau. In 2015, he was appointed Ambassador to Poland and in 2016, Ambassador to Belarus. Mr. de Boer has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from Western University and a Master of Laws in International and Comparative Law from Georgetown University.