Past Events

The CABC hosts the Canada-ASEAN Business Forum every 18 months.

It is recognized as the premier event connecting senior Canadian private and public-sector leaders with their ASEAN counterparts.

On a regular basis, the CABC provides high-level networking and sector-specific events for its Members.

CABC events are held across ASEAN and in Canada, often as a collaboration with our regional partners and members.

Events Detail

Singapore International Energy Week 2020

Date: 26 Oct 2020

The CABC is proud to return as a supporting organisation for Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) 2020!

Date: October 26-30, 2020

Location: Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore

Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) is an annual platform for energy professionals, policymakers and commentators to discuss and share best practices and solutions within the global energy space.

Organised by the Energy Market Authority, this year’s SIEW will run as a hybrid event, with both onsite and online streaming elements for participants in Singapore and overseas.

Find out more and register at:

CABC members, please reach out to Ms. Nicky Lung ( for member ticket privileges.

The Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) is an annual platform for energy professionals, policymakers and commentators to discuss and share best practices and solutions within the global energy space. SIEW 2020 will be held from the 26-30 October at Marina Bay Sands. This year’s SIEW will run as a hybrid event, with both onsite and online streaming elements for participants in Singapore and overseas. This will facilitate the exchanging of views and perspectives at the various conferences and events during SIEW.

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Our main goals are to ensure a reliable and secure energy supply, promote effective competition in the energy market and develop a dynamic energy sector in Singapore. Through our work, the EMA seeks to forge a progressive energy landscape for sustained growth. Please visit for more information.

Weathering the Storm: Prospects and Opportunities in Asia 2021 and Beyond

Date: 22 Oct 2020
9:00am SGT

CABC invites members to attend the “Weathering the Storm: prospects and opportunities in Asia 2021 and beyond” webinar organized by CanCham Singapore on October 22nd, 2020 – 9 am SGT / October 21st, 2020 – 9 pm EST (Canada).

The appearance of COVID, and its impact on the global economy, have only added to regional uncertainties arising from the U.S. China trade and technology war, increased military tensions in the South China Sea, the continuing upheavals in Hong Kong, student demonstrations in Thailand, the growing impacts of climate change and, not least, the imminent U.S elections.

Moderator: Teymoor Nabili, Journalist and Broadcaster, CEO of “The Signal”

Guest Panelists:

  • Michael Bociurkiw, Global Affairs Analyst and CNN Opinion Contributor
  • Dane Chomorro, Partner, Control Risks in Singapore
  • Peter Hall, Vice-President & Chief Economist, EDC
  • Julia Lee, Chief Investment Officer, Burman Invest
  • Chi-Jia Tschang, Senior Director, BowerGroupAsia

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The Future of Trade Post-COVID: Challenges and Opportunities facing Hong Kong

Date: 24 Sep 2020
8:00 AM - 9:30AM HKT/SGT

Even before COVID-19, there have been extraordinary challenges posed on free trade such as protectionism and the intricacies of multilateral trading systems. Looking beyond the pandemic, will new challenges such as the impasse being faced by the WTO and sustained tensions between China and the US continue to test the future of trade in Hong Kong? How can Canada play a role and work together with Hong Kong to support free trade in the interest of sustainable economic growth?

CABC invites you to join CanCham Hong Kong for a lively discussion on these and other issues with Secretary Edward Yau, who will be in conversation with our Chairman, Mr Todd Handcock.

*For participants in Canada, the session will be held on Wednesday 23rd September at 5:00PM-6:30PM (PDT)  /  8:00PM-9:30PM (EDT) 

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CTA Singapore: The Animal and Aquaculture Ecosystem Across Southeast Asia

Date: 23 Sep 2020
7:00PM Eastern time

Date and Time: Sep 23, 2020 07:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

The Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) in Singapore in collaboration with Asia Biobusiness are organizing a two part webinar series exploring the agricultural market across Southeast Asia.

The speakers will address the diverse animal agriculture scene in the region, navigating shrimp production and from harvest to plate: technologies to ensure quality, safety and sustainability. The information provided will help attendees broaden their understanding of the agricultural landscape and market opportunities for growth in Southeast Asia beyond plant agriculture.

FR. : L’Accélérateur technologique canadien (ATC) de Singapour, en collaboration avec Asia Biobusiness, organise deux webinaires explorant le marché agricole en Asie du Sud-Est.

Inscrivez-vous à cette deuxième session sur l’agriculture et l’aquaculture animales en remplissant le formulaire ci-dessous.

Les conférenciers aborderont la scène diversifiée de l’agriculture animale dans la région, naviguant sur la production de crevettes et de la récolte à l’assiette: des technologies pour assurer la qualité, la sécurité et la durabilité. Les informations fournies aideront les participants à élargir leur compréhension du paysage agricole et des opportunités de marché pour la croissance en Asie du Sud-Est au-delà de l’agriculture végétale.

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Canada’s EHG Ecosystem and Opportunities for Asian-Based Enterprises

Date: 18 Sep 2020
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM SGT

CABC invites members and friends to join Osler Hoskin and Harcourt LLP and  members of its leading Emerging and High Growth Companies Group for a webinar on Canada’s EHG Ecosystem and opportunities for Asian-based enterprises, to be held on Friday, September 18, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. (SGT) / Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. (MDT).

This session will include a discussion of:

  • Regional technology clusters in Canada
  • Prominent Canadian VCs, Incubators and Accelerators
  • Government support for the Canadian Technology Sector
  • How Venture deals are structured in Canada
  • Opportunities for Asian-based Enterprises

A Q&A session will follow the presentation.

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Clean Technology for Infrastructure 2020: Virtual Showcase

Date: 15 Sep 2020
10:00am to 6:00pm SGT