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News and Announcements

August 6, 2019
Building Trust and Driving Business Value with Explainable AI Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic as companies and governments explore ways that computers can crunch data and perform tasks faster and better than humans. But do we really know how AI “thinks” and whether it’s…
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July 19, 2019
The Fourth Industrial Revolution has made value chains increasingly complex, and geopolitical trends combined with the new economic reality has shaped a winning environment for forward-looking and trade-ready nations. While Canada and ASEAN enjoy a growing relationship – with ongoing exploratory FTA discussions adding momentum…
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June 27, 2019
The Canada-ASEAN Business Council (CABC) is conducting the Canada-ASEAN Business Outlook Survey 2019  and would like to invite CABC members and members of the public to participate in the survey. This research project is a collaboration between CABC, University of British Columbia’s School of Public Policy and…
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