National Bank of Canada (NBC) is an integrated provider of financial services to retail, commercial, corporate and institutional clients, with some 21,000 employees. It operates in four business segments—Personal and Commercial, Wealth Management, Financial Markets and U.S. Specialty Finance and International.

NBC is one of the six systemically important banks in Canada and a partner of choice for small and medium-sized enterprises. It has branches all over the country. Clients in the United States, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world are served through a network of representative offices, subsidiaries and partnerships. Its head office is located in Montreal and its securities are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

NBC by the numbers:

  • 2.4 million clients
  • 450 branches in Canada
  • 232 billion $CAD total assets
  • 16.2 billion $CAD market capitalization

An international presence Opra

Through its offices in major world financial centers, such as New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, NBC supports the international development of its Canadian business clients and helps foreign companies conduct business in Canada. The international trade specialists who work in the offices abroad provide a full range of services, including cash management, supply chain financing solutions and commercial lending operations support. In addition, NBC relies on an extensive network of correspondent banks to serve its clients around the world.

NBC is an investment banking leader in Quebec with a strong presence across Canada. It sells Canadian debt securities and equities to institutional investors in the United States and internationally. In 2016, NBC became the first North American financial institution to issue Panda Bonds in the Chinese market.

Active in the ASEAN region

Over the past few years, NBC has developed a targeted development strategy for emerging markets. It is a minority shareholder in financial institutions in Côte d’Ivoire, Mauritius and Mongolia.

NBC has targeted the ASEAN region as one of its 2 strategic zones for growth in emerging markets. It has two subsidiaries and is a strategic shareholder in some of the ASEAN countries:

  • ­ABA Bank (Cambodia): An NBC subsidiary that offers personal and commercial banking products and services in the Cambodian market. It boasts the third largest branch network in the country, with more than 40 branches and close to 2,000 employees serving some 150,000 clients. In 2016, ABA Bank was named Cambodia’s “Bank of the Year” by The Banker magazine as well as “Best Bank in Cambodia” by international publications Euromoney and Global Finance. (
  • ­ATA IT (Thailand): An NBC subsidiary established in Bangkok as an IT hub to provide end-to-end services and operational support to emerging markets banks.
  • ­Ronoc Asia/OnGo (Myanmar): NBC is a strategic shareholder of OnGo, a financial technology company and Myanmar’s leading mobile payments business. OnGo offers retailer payment solutions, payroll programs and direct-to-consumer services using payments technology. (