The CABC invites our Members and network to attend the  “Transforming ASEAN into a Leading Digital Economy: Unpacking the Work Plan on the Implementation of the ASEAN Agreement on E-Commerce” webinar on Dec 9, 10:00-11:30 am SGT, hosted by the Asia Trade Centre and TradeWorthy.


As ASEAN seeks to advance the development and use of the region’s digital economy in a post-COVID environment, the ASEAN Agreement on E-Commerce provides a framework to implement measures that allow ASEAN Member States (AMS) to cooperate in furthering the use and development of e-commerce in the region.

Over the last year, the Asian Trade Centre (ATC) and TradeWorthy have worked closely with the ASEAN Secretariat and AMS in developing a Work Plan on the Implementation of the ASEAN Agreement on Electronic Commerce 2021-2025. The Work Plan, endorsed by ASEAN Economic Ministers on 9 September 2021, seeks to establish a common and harmonized approach to operationalize the commitments and effectively deliver the value of the Agreement in transforming ASEAN into a leading digital community.

In this vein, the ATC and TradeWorthy are hosting a webinar on the Work Plan targeting private sector stakeholders, ASEAN officials, and representatives from dialogue partners to unpack the benefits and relevance of the Agreement and the importance of private sector engagement in its implementation.

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