Location: Le Meridien Hotel- Saigon River Room, 3c Ton Duc Thang Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The CanCham Vietnam – CABC Joint Seminar on Start-up Opportunities in Vietnam was conceived as an opportunity to provide a sector-specific event for CABC members, grow the CABC’s presence in Vietnam, inform a key ASEAN country regarding Canada’s capability and experience in technology and finance, and deepen ties with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam.The event exceeded expectations, including a sold out event, highly relevant participants, solid networking opportunities after the event in person and remotely, and a high quality and diverse international panel. There are expectations that this seminar may lead to policy support, extended Canadian presence in Vietnam in a strategic sector. It also solidified an already strong partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam, and an example of partnerships for additional events within ASEAN-AEC.

The event was organised around the themes of a practical context, innovation, and the Vietnam ecosystem and support required for startups. Antony Nezic (CanCham) introduced the seminar with open questions and discussion on the trends in finance, culture, and political economy, over the last 10 years that may influence, guide or impede startup company ecosystems.

Daniel Liebau from Lightbulb Capital (Singapore) explored innovation and the basic requirements for unlocking innovative societies & individuals. The diverse panel from every potential area of the start-up community– venture capital, angel investors, successful founders, new founders and incubator/ accelerators offered a unique perspective of the depth and breadth of the situation for startups and areas for future focus. Conclusions included an interest in future high quality and productive seminars, discussion, and support from CanCham, and for a participant such as RMIT, and Wesley Clover. One on one meetings were also organised, between investors and startups.