Synopsis: This seminar will allude to some of the major projects carried out under the BRI umbrella, with a view to distilling useful lessons regarding the ingredients leading to successful execution. The infrastructure seminar, which comes at the end of the SAL’s seminar series, also offers a chance for us to look back at the entire BRI landscape. Previous seminars concerning risk management, international trade, and dispute resolution, including an examination of significant initiatives, such as the Singapore Infrastructure Dispute Management Protocol, all provide additional context for the discussion of infrastructure and its relevance to the BRI. Thus, this final seminar will draw upon and recap parts of our previous discussions in order to tie-up the BRI series and thereby lay a foundation for assessing, and ideally seizing, the commercial opportunities presented by the evolving relationship between ASEAN and the BRI.

Registration Fee: SGD 128.40 (Inclusive of 7% GST)

For interested CABC members, please reach out to Ms Nicky Lung at for registration.