The CABC invites members and partners to attend the upcoming Governance of digital data and communications webinar (11 November 2020) organized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines.

Much has been discussed about the rapid advances in digital technologies, specifically the digitalization of data and communication, and the expanded use of these techniques in ever widening fields of economic and social endeavor, There is an urgent need to also discuss the emerging issues about its governance. What should be the new paradigm for governance of its use, taking into account: the public interest to protect against misleading information freedom of information, and privacy rights of business and individuals? This webinar hosts presenters and a panel of leading stakeholders with different business perspectives to discuss these issues in the evolving governance paradigm on use of digitalization of data and communications in business.

PROGRAM FORMAT: A ZOOM webinar with:
* 10 minutes for Welcome by Host and introduction by Moderator
* 60 minutes for exposition of context and issues by the four Presenters.
* 20 minutes for a discussion led by the Moderator with Panelists.
* 20 minutes for an Open Forum for comments and questions by participants, chaired by the Moderator.
* 10 minutes for Closing Remarks by Moderator and Appreciations by Host


Julian Payne, President, Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines


Monchito Ibrahim, President University of the Philippines System Information Technology Foundation

                                Trustee – Analytics Association; and former Undersecretary DICT.


Commissioner Raymond Liboro, National Privacy Commission.

Atty. Ruth B Castelo, Undersecretary & Head Consumer Protection Group, DTI.

Mr. Mark Perez, Head  Department of Supervisory Analytics, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)

Ms. Mary Grace Mirandilla-Santos, Lead Convener, Better Broadband Alliance (BBA).


Atty. Frederico Tancongco, Senior Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer, BDO Unibank, Inc.

Ms Janette Toral, E-Commerce Advocate


Ms Heidi Del Pilar, Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines at: