The growth of the digital economy, combined with the adverse economic impact of COVID-19, have brought international taxation issues front and centre of the policy debate. While the OECD continues to work towards a multilateral consensus on taxation of the digital economy, several countries have opted for unilateral digital services taxes, often targeted at US tech companies. This has led the United States to initiate Section 301 investigations in some jurisdictions. Such developments highlight the intricately connected relationship between international trade and international taxation. A patchwork of scattered, discordant approaches increases compliance costs, creates uncertainty and regulatory friction for businesses operating across borders, and sets the stage for trade conflict.

The AIC would like to cordially invite members and partners of the CABC to an upcoming webinar that will provide a comprehensive overview on the implications for trade relations of developments in the area of digital taxation. Dr. Patrick Low, former Chief Economist, World Trade Organization (WTO), will present his paper on “Digital Services Taxes, Trade and Development”. This will be followed by a panel discussion by Dr Low and Michelle Ng, Associate at Baker & McKenzie LLP, moderated by Jeff Paine, Managing Director, AIC.

3:00 – 3:10pm: Welcome Remarks – Jeff Paine, Managing Director, Asia Internet Coalition (AIC)
3:10 – 3:40pm: Keynote Address: Digital Services Tax, Trade and Development – Dr.Patrick Low, Fellow, Asia Global Institute; and former Chief Economist, World Trade Organization (1997-2013)
3:40 – 4.10pm: Panel discussion moderated by Jeff Paine
4.10 – 4.15pm: Closing remarks by Jeff Paine