Through an expert panel, the Canadian AI and the ASEAN Market Opportunity event in Toronto educated innovative Canadian firms on the ASEAN region and defined the economic advantages of targeting ASEAN as an international business development strategy. The panel event featured commentary from leaders in Canada’s AI industry, as well as from the broader business community who leverage and support the Canadian tech sector’s international expansion.


Mr. Craig Brown, Partner, Fasken


Mr. Megh Gupta, Global Head of Strategy & Corporate Development, Element AI
Mr. Lionel Pimpin, Senior Vice-President, Digital Channels and P&C Strategies, National Bank of Canada
Mr. Loudon Owen, CEO, DLT Labs + Managing Partner, MW Capital
Dr. Ian Scott, Partner, OMNIA, Chief Data Scientist, Deloitte LLP
Mr. Brett House, Deputy Chief Economist, Scotiabank

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