The CABC is inviting members and interested Canadian businesses and Canadians to submit their views, comments, and suggestions in the ongoing public consultation by the Government of Canada on a renewed Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) strategy to guide the Government of Canada and Canadian companies active abroad with respect to their responsible business activities. The consultation is open from now to 26 Oct 2020, 11:59PM (Pacific Time).

Consultation Details

The Government of Canada is committed to advancing the responsible business practices of Canadian companies in markets around the world. These consultations on the renewal of the Strategy are an opportunity to spark a dialogue and explore ideas and measures to position Canada, and Canadian companies active abroad, as leaders in Responsible Business Conduct.

Responsible Business Conduct is at the nexus of many priorities for Canada such as the respect for human rights, fighting climate change, inclusive trade, and respecting the rights of Indigenous communities. Through multiple governments departments, more than 50 policies and initiatives address and promote one form or another of Responsible Businesses Conduct and corporate sustainability. The Government of Canada sees the private sector as playing an important role in advancing these priorities.

Managing risks in complex markets is key to business success and businesses can use numerous tools and incentives. By incorporating Responsible Business Conduct into their operations, companies are better equipped to manage social, environmental, reputational and economic risks. Responsible Business Conduct supports companies in identifying issues proactively, helps them resolve problems before they escalate and allows them to  adapt their operations and safeguard long-term success.

Canada is holding public consultations to hear from a broad range of partners, stakeholders, and individual Canadians to help inform the development of a renewed strategy on Responsible Business Conduct, and define Canada’s priorities and inform future decisions on Responsible Business Conduct.

Focus of the consultations

Interested parties are encouraged to review the issue paper and submit their views on the Government of Canada’s approach to Responsible Business Conduct abroad, which will help inform the next iteration of the strategy and future policy initiatives. In particular, the Government of Canada is seeking your ideas for Canada to:

  1. Contribute to a strengthened and inclusive Responsible Business Conduct environment globally;
  2. Work with diverse stakeholders to create an enabling environment to ensure that Canadian companies achieve and exceed Responsible Business Conduct best practices;
  3. Enhance accountability through providing access to dispute resolution, dialogue, recourse and remedy;
  4. Develop tools, incentives and partnerships that the Government could support to further Responsible Business Conduct abroad; and,
  5. Contribute to key international frameworks, standards and guidelines that Canada could consider promoting or adopting which focus solely on, or intersect with Responsible Business Conduct.

Who should participate

This consultation is open to all Canadians and everyone is invited to share their ideas. In particular, Global Affairs Canada would like to hear from:

  • individuals
  • companies, including small and medium enterprises
  • industry associations
  • experts and academics
  • civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations
  • labour unions
  • provincial, territorial and municipal governments
  • Indigenous peoples and organizations
  • students and youth
  • any other interested Canadian stakeholders

How to Participate

Global Affairs Canada has developed an issue paper for the consultation. To participate, please review Global Affairs Canada’s issue paper and provide comments to the Responsible Business Practices Division at Global Affairs Canada by email at 

More information and details

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