Canadian software company, Element AI, has announced a partnership with AI Singapore (AISG), a government initiative designed to anchor deep capabilities in Artificial Intelligence to support the its Smart Nation efforts.

The two organisations will collaborate through AISG’s 100 Experiment programme, where both will jointly develop innovative AI products and solutions for the local industry. As part of this collaboration, Element AI will co-locate part of its team together with AI Singapore in the newly-launched innovation 4.0 building at NUS.

Under this partnership, Element AI will help local enterprises discover and define the highest impact applications of AI in the areas of supply chain and financial services.

“Together with Element AI, we are ready to seize new opportunities that will strengthen AI innovation in Singapore,” said Professor Ho Teck Hua, Executive Chairman of AISG. “Investment in knowledge transfer and our local talent pool alongside Element AI will foster industry adoption efforts and help drive our Smart Nation initiatives forward.”

Element AI CEO Jean-Francois Gagne said: “Joining forces with AISG is a natural fit as Singapore looks to advance their Smart Nation initiative and Element AI expands its product offering in supply chain and finance. As this partnership will also be deeply rooted in research, it’s a great opportunity to expand our collaborative research model. Growing our presence in Singapore goes hand-in-hand with our efforts to foster innovation and achieve new research capabilities via local talent pools.”

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