By Bobby Kwon, President and CEO of the Canadian Commercial Corporation

All governments around the world are forever faced with having to solve more problems than the available means allow. And in today’s globalized marketplace, the best solutions often require international expertise.

Fortunately, there is a Canadian solution for government decision-makers everywhere to maximize public sector investments that require global expertise.

Canada Guarantee

Structuring and managing an international contract is a complex, risky business.

Through Canada’s signature G2G contracting solution – the International Prime Contractor Program – CCC brings qualified Canadian companies to government buyers around the world, and significantly reduces the risks associated with international procurement with a Government of Canada guarantee of contract performance.

Every contract signed by CCC has the legal effect of being signed in the name of the Government of Canada, providing government buyers with the assurance that the contract will be delivered on time and on budget, guaranteed.

Minimizing Risks to Maximize Financing Options

CCC’s assurance significantly lowers the risk profile of the contract, and in turn, allows decision-makers to maximize government investments by attracting project financing and lowering the need for performance bonds.

Every Canadian company qualified by CCC has been evaluated technically, financially and managerially to ensure its ability to deliver projects.

Acting as Prime Contractor, CCC helps to simplify and expedite the process. We handle all payments and cash flows throughout the contract execution, allowing Canadian suppliers to focus on delivering against the contract terms. And by taking on all performance oversight and financial administration of the contract, CCC also reduces the risk of unethical practices that often hinder procurement effectiveness.

CCC is committed to environmental, social and governance or ESG best practices, as an integral part of supporting inclusive trade and applying responsible business conduct in all of our business dealings.

These are extremely important considerations for lenders who finance the projects we support. CCC works closely with banks, export credit agencies and insurance companies to present projects where the performance risks are mitigated.

Proven Solution

Our approach has helped deliver projects of national importance.

Most recently, CCC worked with Aecon, a global leader in construction and infrastructure development to bring Canadian expertise and technology to the development of the new world class terminal of Bermuda’s L.F. Wade International Airport. The terminal, which was completed on time and on budget, comes with the latest innovations on climate change adaptation and infrastructure resiliency.

We work with Canadian companies across a wide range of sectors, including infrastructure, aerospace and defence. We also partner with the other members of Canada’s trade team, EDC and TCS, as well as local trade organization, such as CABC, to provide partner countries access to Canadian expertise and technology.

We are ready and primed by 75 years of experience, to work hand in glove with you to deliver the next public sector investment that will ease the strain on overburdened systems and boost economic activity.

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About Bobby Kwon, President and CEO of the Canadian Commercial Corporation

Prior to his appointment as President and CEO of CCC, Bobby Kwon was the Chief Financial Officer of global corporation MediPharm Labs. He was also a member of the Canadian Commercial Corporation’s Board of Directors. Previously, Mr. Kwon was Senior Vice President at George Weston Ltd., overseeing the Executive Chairman’s Office. Prior to this role, he worked at Unilever in Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, in a number of senior finance and corporate positions – including CFO for the Canadian business and Chief of Staff to Group CEO in London. Before that Bobby was Director of Finance at Janssen Inc.

Mr. Kwon currently serves on the Advisory Board of CFO Leadership Program jointly developed by Odgers and Rotman School of Management. He has also served on the Boards of Unilever Canada Inc. and GS1 (Retail Sector). Bobby is an alumnus of the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference, volunteers at the Regent Park Community Centre, and supports several Korean-Canadian community organizations.