CABC Small Corporate Member Feature – PS Engage Global Government Relations Pte Ltd

PS Engage is a Singapore-based company that focuses on constructive engagement activities, government relations consulting and establishing public and private partnerships.  We work with leading multinational companies to support their engagement with governments across Asia working on key regulatory issues that enable their businesses to grow.

PS Engage Around the World

Our Canadian founder, who has been based in Asia for more than 20 years, is supported by a talented team of legal, policy, finance and economic professionals based across the region.  We have a strong team of professionals in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Canada.

Core Services Include

✔ Market entry services, registration, obtaining licenses from regulators
✔ Market and stakeholder analysis
✔ Policy guidance in Asia markets
✔ Developing official submissions to government policy consultations

Key Contacts


Ashish Lall PhD (Can)
Head of Research and Sr. Advisor
1 (647) 807-5459


Jeff Paine
Managing Director
+65 9769 3361

Sarthak Luthra
Director of Government Relations
+65 8739 1490