Ciena is a networking system, services, and software company driven by a relentless pursuit of network innovation. With more than 7,000 employees working in over 35 countries, Ciena delivers the next-generation solutions communications service providers require to build and evolve their networks.

Canada is home to one-third of Ciena’s workforce and a vital part of the company’s research-and-development operations. Around 50 percent of Ciena’s R&D work takes place on its Ottawa campus and approximately 70 percent of the company’s patent filings since 2010 listed at least one Canadian inventor. 

The company also maintains close ties with numerous Canadian higher-education institutes, including Algonquin College, Carleton University, Concordia University, École de Technologie, Queen’s University, University of Ottawa, McGill University, Supérieure de Québec, Université de Laval, University of Toronto, Université de Sherbrooke, and University of Waterloo.

The need for on-demand connectivity 

Since its founding, Ciena has been a networking pioneer, with the company’s success generated from delivering next-generation solutions for building and evolving data networks and providing the partnership and consultations customers need to deploy those solutions most effectively.

The company utilizes high-touch consultative relationships to help customers better understand their network objectives and develop tailored strategies to build more intelligent and adaptive networks that provide faster speeds and higher capacities alongside flexibility and economy. This is crucial in today’s digital era where end-users expect more high-quality and innovative digital experiences. Ciena helps customers:

  • Deliver stronger network results
  • Build worry-free network operations
  • Develop peak network performance

Ciena solutions currently play a central role in more than 1,700 networks worldwide, with users including:

  • 85 percent of the world’s largest CSPs
  • Regional service providers
  • Enterprise networks
  • Financial service providers
  • Utility companies
  • Retail operators

The company works with a number of customers in the region, including the Singapore Advanced Research and Education Network, which utilizes Ciena’s coherent optics to double throughput speeds, MCP domain controllers to improve network visibility, management, and operations.

In Vietnam, FPT Telecom has deployed Ciena hardware and software to strengthen its network and better manage rising residential broadband traffic, including demand surges driven by streaming entertainment and smart-home services.

Ciena’s Blue Planet Intelligent Automation solutions also deliver results to customers throughout the ASEAN region. They include TIME dotCOM – Malaysia’s leading internet-service provider – which utilized Blue Planet software to cut troubleshooting times by 47 percent.

Design for tomorrow

Cutting-edge technology, compelling network economics, and superior customer service are key factors to Ciena’s success. With networks now currently undergoing a major transition due to the rollout of 5G and the rise of edge computing, Ciena forms close partnerships with customers to bring together hardware, services, and software to ensure that they are ready to meet their end-users’ needs today and in the future.

Ciena is looking ahead toward what the future of data connectivity may look like and developing a network built upon the key foundational elements of:

  • Programmable infrastructure
  • Analytics and intelligence
  • Software control and automation
  • Services

This enables networks to autonomously grow smarter, more agile, and more responsive to be able to address new challenges. At the same time, our customers can optimize their existing frameworks while incorporating new technologies and workflows.

Prepared for what’s to come

Ciena adapts and connects hardware, services, and software in an open environment to ensure that networks reliably operate at peak efficiency with little disruption. With CSPs now looking to deliver more while spending less, the company is ready to help customers migrate their technologies and cultivate networks that are simplified, fluid, and ready to adapt to changing market conditions.