Membership Benefits

Membership to the CABC offers access to educational resources, advocacy support and the opportunity to participate in networking events throughout Southeast Asia. The Council continually partners with think-tanks and stakeholders throughout Canada and ASEAN to produce high-quality, high-impact studies that analyze the health and growth of the Canada-ASEAN economic corridor. In addition to these studies, the CABC works closely with local governments and has enjoyed a productive and lasting relationship with the Canadian government. By coordinating closely with our government partners in Canada and throughout ASEAN, we are able communicate our member’s concerns to decision-makers in the region (our partners). Lastly, the Council is focused on providing high-quality networking events that bring together key opinion leaders and decision makers active in the region within both the public and private sectors. Our premier event is our Business Forum held every 18 months.

Key Benefits:

  • Access to CABC research and educational material
  • Invitations to CABC events, along with ASEAN summits and conferences
  • Timely and relevant information about business and regulatory developments in the region
  • Networking opportunities with local and multinational firms operating in Southeast Asia
  • Access to regional decision-makers in both Canada and ASEAN

Become a Member 

Please send completed application forms to Greg Ross at

Note: Corporate Membership is for companies with 31 or more employees globally, while Small Corporate Membership is for 30 or less employees globally. All applications are subject to approval from the Operating Committee of the CABC.

Application forms: Corporate Member, Small Corporate Member