4th CABC Business Forum – It’s over, now what?

We attended some great sessions and listened to some really interesting people over the course of the Forum.

From our conversations with attendees, and listening to the speakers, we sensed a strong interest in directing Canadian businesses towards the ASEAN region. Within this short conference, we hope what came across was not only the diversity of economies in ASEAN, but the immense potential for Canadian businesses as these economies continue to develop and prosper. So we would like to challenge you a bit…

The geographic distance between Canada and the ASEAN region may make you fear taking your focus away from Canada and the US as your main source of business growth. But what if we made it easier for you?

Here is a word that everyone likes to talk about, but fewer people turn into action. It’s interesting because we have found no better way to grow a business than to work with other businesses. Share ideas, exchange knowledge, get market feedback, source or sell goods and services. You have so many options to shortcut the effort you need to expand and grow your business and there are many businesses out there who would be willing to work with you.

At times during the Forum, we heard about how risk averse many Canadian businesses are …even giving up on big deals if it meant working with a competitor to win them. The issue – which you will have learned at the Forum – is that you cannot grow effectively as a foreign business in ASEAN without collaborating with locals.

We heard from a number of people that they are considering expanding their offering for their approach to ASEAN. Our suggestion? Gain maximum advantage from your existing expertise and collaborate with others to cover your gaps.

Let people know what you need
The quickest way to make progress is to let others know what you need. Some Forum attendees have joined bizzi, others have not. bizzi currently has nearly 650 businesses from 34 countries on our platform, working together and letting each other know exactly what they need for their businesses.

With a little thought, every business owner or manager will be able to quickly come up with at least five things their business needs. Create an opportunity on bizzi to let the other 600+ businesses know what they are. You might be surprised at who can help you.

Numbers reduce risk
You have great opportunity amongst your fellow Canadians to coordinate an expansion strategy between complimentary businesses. Present a united front – a package offering – to potential partners and customers in the ASEAN region. It reduces your risk and makes what you can offer that much more attractive.

You can use bizzi’s TeamUps to coordinate your efforts and connect with others, making it possible
to achieve as much as 80% of your expansion without getting on a plane.

Get out there
By all means, keep your eyes on your home markets. But we also suggest that you keep the great momentum established by the CABC Forum and make at least some sort of move – or even just further enquiries – in ASEAN. You made a special effort to attend the Forum. Do your follow-ups now.

And remember, the Canadian government has great infrastructure set up to support your expansion efforts. Don’t forget to let them help you too.

bizzi is free to join. You can sign up at https://bizzi.co.