Think about your global and ASEAN strategies: Are they aligned and prepared to capitalize on ASEAN’s growth trajectory while adapting to the evolving political climates at home and abroad?

We are Canada’s Global SME that is putting bold strategies into action around the globe

Criterium Group is a Calgary, London and Singapore based consulting practice that leverages our Canadian-born expertise into emerging, high growth markets.  We have firsthand experience guiding global companies in the ASEAN market and our recently launched Criterium Energy entity reinforces our commitment to the world’s premier growth market.

Criterium Group’s Global Presence

We are a strategy and management consultant firm founded in Calgary, Canada. Over the past 20 years we have developed specialized expertise in Financial Services, Energy and Public Service sectors by working collaboratively with leaders and their teams.

Our purpose is to help our clients solve their biggest and most challenging problems. Our growth and success are a result of empowering organizations through insightful and collaborative advisory services — working in tandem with clients to devise bold strategies that translate into pragmatic and tangible results. We have a rich history of fostering relationships and earning our clients trust; characteristics that continue to set us apart.

How we help our clients as trusted partners and advisors

Through our evolution as a consultancy, we have created three key differentiating factors to bring value to our clients:

Collaborate  Align accountable leaders and teams with a shared purpose
Transform   Do what it takes to identify necessary changes and thrive in disruption
Deliver Focus on achieving tangible long-term results.

Our experience and practice areas include: 

We can help firms realize the Canadian Export Opportunity

Recently, the Canadian market has been many things: turbulent (e.g. resource sector), volatile (e.g. cannabis sector) and disruptive (e.g. financial services).  The cause can be debated but these domestic market conditions have caused firms to seek global opportunities for their services and products.  We see an increasing importance in exporting ‘Made in Canada’ expertise to other economies that are either experiencing high growth or with sector specific opportunities aligned with Canadian expertise and products.

In 2018, our detailed market analysis identified ASEAN and the UK as two markets to target for Criterium’s global expansion.  We proved this initiative with our own expansion into the UK that same year, and since then have gained market share against our peers.  We expect our UK business to account for 10-15% of total revenues in 2019 with line of sight to 25%+ in 2020.  We targeted the UK as it was a mature, growing market, experiencing rapid political and socioeconomic change, namely Brexit, with unique opportunities and hurdles associated with these changes across multiple sectors.

Why does Criterium’s success in global markets matter?  Because we have established a proven framework for Canadian companies to enter multiple sectors within a new geographic market.  Our ambitions in ASEAN are aligned with this initiative and we are keen to aid other Canadian companies in their global pursuits.  Simply put, we want to help Canadian’s diversify their business opportunities by exporting their expertise and products.

Next stop… ASEAN.

ASEAN is the World’s Premier Growth Market

We believe in the future of ASEAN.  We have firsthand “boots-on-the-ground experience” working in the region helping companies align their strategy to ensure they don’t miss the massive growth opportunities in the region.

The CABC has done an excellent job of advertising the promise the region presents for both domestic and international (specifically Canadian) firms, and we would like to share with you some of our favorite statistics/projections that we believe reinforce this potential.

In today’s global markets, being adaptable is critical. We have helped our clients generate value by navigating the challenging landscape alongside them, driving strategy development and execution that is supported by in-depth, firsthand knowledge of global value chains, including those present in the ASEAN marketplace. Through this, we have identified enormous opportunity within ASEAN for growth as a consultancy and for many of our clients. The rapid pace of economic change and growth within ASEAN is re-shaping the competitive landscape and is creating new opportunities for all core industries we support.

We are putting skin in the game with Criterium Energy

All the statistics listed above point to one major common denominator: Energy.  The energy required to support the economic growth is prodigious and we are putting our own skin in the game to help ASEAN fuel its growing economies with environmental, social and economically sustainable energy solutions.  We have created a separate entity, Criterium Energy, to access the opportunities presented by this rapidly growing and evolving energy landscape.  Keep watching in 2020 for some exciting announcements as we help bring the Energy to ASEAN.

Population, Economic and Energy statistics provided by the ERIA, IMF, CABC and IEA.

Fellow CABC members, we are eager to meet to discuss and learn about the challenges and opportunities you face in the region.


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Matt Klukas – Managing Director, Criterium Energy
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