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CABC Reports

2016 Canada-ASEAN Business Outlook Survey.

The Canada-ASEAN Business Council was proud to partner with the University of British Columbia's Institute of Asian Research on the 2016 Canada-ASEAN Business Outlook Survey.

The 2016 Canada-ASEAN Business Outlook survey was designed to assess the opportunities, challenges, and general operating conditions facing Canadian businesses and Southeast Asia-based firms with strong Canadian ties in the ten countries of the ASEAN region. In total, 175 respondents participated in the survey between June and August 2016.

Survey of Canadian Businesses in ASEAN: 2013

The Asia Pacific Foundation, in partnership with United Overseas Bank and the Canada-ASEAN Business Council, conducted a survey of Canadian companies currently active or interested in doing business in ASEAN countries. The survey included 138 Canadian Companies that were contacted between July and August of 2013. This report is the first of its kind and was used as a foundation to develop the CABC's 2020 Vision Statement. 

The CABC and the Government of Canada are pleased to present an in-depth report on Opportunities for Canadian Companies in ASEAN

The aim of this report is to provide a timely assessment of the relative importance of the ASEAN market and the commercial opportunities that it presents for Canadian enterprises.

The report considers ASEAN from a regional, rather than a country by country, perspective. It presents an overview and introductory guide for Canadian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that may be interested in learning more about ASEAN and the opportunities and challenges it offers. ASEAN-Canada trade is reviewed, as are Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows, and particular sectors of opportunity for Canadian SMEs are identified based on Canadian strengths and areas of expertise.

Topics Include: